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100 years



Vinnytsya Region General Research Library named after K.A. Timiryazev  approaches its centenary. Having 6.400 books in its basic collection, it started functioning on February 2, 1907, as a local library named after M. V. Gogol in a specially built small building designed by the architect G.G. Artynov. After 1917 it turned into a central town library, later – a central district one. The library was granted the name of  K.A. Timiryazev in 1925, and in 1934 it got the status of regional. It became a research library in 1966 and a general research library   in 1983.

Nowadays the General Research Library named after K.A. Timiryazev is a modern leading, edifying, cultural, informative research centre, depository of regional ethnographic literature, powerful book storage, which numbers about 1.000.000 copies of documents of all types with different data (500.000 books, almost 300.000 magazines, 31.000 files of newspapers, 27.000 music editions, maps, albums, unpublished materials, CDs) in 42 world languages.

The book stock is replenished annually with 18.000 -19.000 newly received items. It gets within 1.000 periodicals that are represented in the reference-bibliographic apparatus including electronic databases.The library provides skilled and professional service for 38.000 users. There are cosy reading rooms, new technologies, a variety of gratuitous and additional charged services.

The library organizes scientific-methodical and coordinating work among the libraries of all regional systems and departments. It carries out considerable project activity and collaborates directly with other libraries, international and national organizations. The library insures creative work in the direction “Library and Power”. Scientific and practical applied-research conferences are held traditionally here including those of all-Ukrainian value, inter alia: “Creation and Integration of Informative Library Resources” (2000), “Library in the Informative Society: Search of Harmony, Ways of Transformation” (2002), “Historic Sources of Cossack Kinship in Ukraine” (2004). 

Main Building

73 Soborna St. 

 Sector of Users’ Registration and Tabulated Statistics, tel. 35-51-97    

The principal function of this subsection is to registrate the users  of the library, keep account of the main indices  of  work, prepare tabulated statistical   data,  study and  analyse the qualitative readers’ structure and to provide them with publicity-and-data news of the library activity, its rules of usage, and its informational resource. Users’ registration is done in the electronic database “Reader”.

Department of Reference-Bibliographical and Informative Service, tel. 35-11-04 

The function of the department is to provide formation and to manage the reference-bibliographical apparatus of the library, to participate in creating the electronic catalogue (EC) of the library, Central Ukrainian Corporate  Catalogue, electronic databases on the actual themes. It provides the reference-bibliographic service of users, the informative services of institutions, organizations, and readers, makes bibliographic booklists for edition. The fund of the department is universal with encyclopaedias, reference books, dictionaries, bibliographical indices in different fields of knowledge constituting the bulk of the fund. There are about 2.800 printed editions at the users’ disposal, and also the exclusive opportunity of searching for documents in Internet, in the full-text database “Liga-Law” (updated daily), in the reference system “Business-Explorer”, EDB “Analytics” and “IRBIS”. The necessary information is recorded on  diskettes or printed out.  

Department of Acquisition, Processing and Cataloguing, tel. 32-36-50 

There are three subsections in the structure  of the department:

- The Group of Fund Accession

- The Sector of Computer Processing of Documents

- The Sector of Exchange-Resource Fund

In accord with the principles of universality and requirements of science, the Group of Fund Accession provides fund forming of the library with various documents on by all information media without chronological and language restrictions. The group gets, registers, takes stock of the received documents and allocates them to the structural subdivisions.

This section coordinates collection development between the leading libraries of the region and compiles annually the “Systematic catalogue of periodicals, subscribed for the libraries of Vinnytsya”.

The Sector of Computer Processing of Documents:

 - forms the database of electronic catalogue;

- organizes, files, edits all kinds of catalogues and alphabetical and subject indices for them;

- makes possible an effective use of the library funds, i.e. gives the users complete information on the funds’ contents by indexing the documents, and exposing the library funds thematically through the electronic and card systematic or alphabetical catalogues.

The department renders the chargeable service in indexing documents  for the city publishing houses and private persons according to the tables of UDC and LBC.

The Sector of Exchange-Resource Funds

re-distributes  the book stock and completes the  region libraries’ collections. 

Book Storage Department,

tel. 35-23-82 

This department is a depositary of the literature of post-war period and amasses multivolume academic editions of national and foreign scientists, culture workers and writers, collections of research papers, scholarly notes of research institutions, serial issues, encyclopaedias, reference books, dictionaries and belles-lettres. The department holds a diversity of all types of documents including 300.000 books and 200.000 magazines. The library users get the fund items at the corresponding service subsections. 

Sector of Newspaper Periodicals, tel. 35-23-82 

It is an autonomous structural subsection hoarding the major fund of newspaper periodicals of different years of publication and universal themes to be used by readers. About 200 Ukrainian and Russian titles are received annually. Particular value of the sector resource lies in its unique basic collection of the Vinnytsya newspapers from the beginning of their foundation as now an electronic database of the most significant newspaper publications is formed. 

Department of Literature and Information in the Humanities, tel. 32-05-78


The department is one of the largest in the library serving over 12, 000 users annually. They have recourse to more than 180, 000 documents. The books on sciences and humanities, sociology and politics,  and works of fiction are of great information value. Research works, monographs, serious studies as well as teaching and methodical literature, Ukrainian and world fiction, and also entertaining editions are represented here. There is a sector of journals in this department with a fund including besides popular-science and academic editions the most popular magazines of socio-political and humanistic profiles. It also includes the scientific and academic editions. The department receives over 450 titles of magazines annually (more than 200 of them are the Ukrainian ones).

The department fulfils the following activity among public at large:

- scientific conferences;

- literary and musical eventide functions;

- presentations of books.

The workers of the department take part in the publishing activity of the library and Days of Information. They also prepare book displays and reviews, the best of which are represented in electronic version on the library site.  Summary data on  new books and periodicals are published in the press and shown on television. There is a department subdivision functioning at the university “Ukraina”, too. 

Sector of Editorial Work, tel. 35-51-97 

This sector was formed in 1999 with the purpose to raise the level of library publishing activity, continue its best traditions in editing, managing the publications, deepen the scientific contents and improve the printing quality of the collective creative papers. The sector accomplishes technological preparation of author’s papers for publication (editing, computerized make-up, correction, design, lay-out, printing of the  editions by its own polygraphic means or having them put out by other printing establishments). It makes copies of business papers, materials required by the readers through the offices of ICS (Interlibrary Circulation Sector), satisfies the demands of the departments on library equipment. 

Department of Literature and Information in Industries, tel. 32-40-54 

The fund of the department adds up to over 60, 000 documents in different spheres of engineering and manufacture, including more than 12, 000 of periodical editions. Each year it serves over 4, 000 readers of different categories with about 120, 000 editions.

The fund is formed according to the technical and economic profile of the region taking into account the readers’ requirements.

The department maintains the reference, bibliographical and information service of readers, industrial collectives, institutions of the town and the region.

Book exhibitions and book reviews, Information Days and Expertise Days are held at the department for this end.

It takes part in forming the electronic catalogue, and in the publishing work of the library, renders methodical and practical assistance to the regional libraries, too. 

Department of Literature and Information in Regional Ethnography, tel. 32-40-54 

It is a fundamental structural subsection of the library that organizes, coordinates and carries out its direct ethnographic work. The department has been operating since 1981. Nowadays it has more than 4.000 ethnographic documents in its supplementary fund. They are the materials on history, nature, health protection, agriculture, culture, art of Vinnytchyna and about its prominent countrymen. A specific guide in the regional ethnographic book stock, no matter where a document is stored, is coordinating the joint ethnographic catalogue that has been functioning since 1956. Now it consists of 200.000 index cards.

A chronological catalogue of local editions, thematic card catalogues, electronic database “Ethnography Analytics” are at the disposal of the library users. The card index “Literature about Vinnytsya Region for the year of …” and authentic regional data on various aspects ensure efficient information. Bibliographic guides on ethnography assist in picking out the necessary literature. Researchers, scientists, lecturers, students use these services of the department. It employees collaborate with local-lore institutions, organize theme discussions and presentations of the books of the local authors.

Department of Research and Methodology, and Library Innovations, tel. 35-71-70

The main goals and tasks of the department are:

- participation in forming  the regional library policy;

- assistance in the realization of state programs and elaboration of regional plans of  library development;

- greater methodical influence on the library activities of all regional authorities and governing bodies;

- professional  improvement  of the librarians of Vinnytsya region and Regional General Research Library;

- scientific research;

- creation of an electronic database in library science;

- interlibrary coordination and co-operation.

The main forms of work are:

- schools for a manager;

- creative workshops;

- methodological monitoring;

- analytic activity based on regular monitoring of changes in the libraries;

- publication of different methodical manuals. 

Information Service of the Library, tel. 35-11-04 

The service is engaged in the creation of information resources of the library. It provides access to the internal database, supports its web-sites.

The web-site of Vinnytsya Timiryazev Library  http://old.library.vn.ua exists from 1998. It is supposed to be one of the most important among Ukrainian libraries.

The web-site is used by 80 to 200 people of different categories every day.

Vinnytsya regional portal http://www.portal.vinnitsa.com was created in 2000 thanks to the financial support of International Fund of Renaissance. More than 500 full-length articles on history and geography, religion and culture, education and medicine are featured on this portal. It carries information about the local authorities of regional, urban and district subordination, all departments of Vinnytsya Region State Administration, Vinnytsya itself and regional districts. You can also find daily news on the portal. Besides, it is necessary to mention other services of Vinnytsya regional portal.

Data base «Liga-Law» is used to search for information on the Ukrainian legislation. The project “Creation of the Central Ukrainian Corporative Catalogue” (CUCC) has been under way more than 3 years. It is possible to have access to it on the inner library net now, and it will be represented on the web-site VGRL in future. Work on an electronic catalogue, which includes such data bases as “Analytics”, “Book”, “Acquisition Manager”, “Local Lore Book”, “Regional Analytics”, “Foreign Book”, “Foreign Analytics”, “Rare Book” has been going on in the library for 4 years. These data bases contain about 120.000 records. 

Department of Rare and Valuable Books, tel. 32-40-54 

The department has a universal stock of about 60 thousand books both printed and manuscripts in Ukrainian, Russian and other languages.

The books of the XIVth and XVI - XVIIth centuries in Cyrillic print, and the books of “civil” print of the XVIIth - the first quarter of XIXth centuries are found here. There are also the works of the classics of Ukrainian, Russian and world science, literature and art, political and public figures, published during their lifetime. The readers can find the Ukrainian and Russian editions of 1917 and of the period of civil war (1918-1920) here. The department has rare archives, literary miscellanies, collections of the XVIIIth - XXth centuries, valuable documents of the XXth - the beginning of XXI-st centuries and periodicals of the XIX- the beginning of XXth centuries. 

Branch of the Library

73 Soborna St.

Department of Literature and Information in Economics and Law, tel. 32-16-24

It is one of the leading departments of the institution. Its book stock  contains about 23, 000 books and 227 titles of magazines, other kinds of documents on  economic theory, management, marketing, accounting, the theory of state and law, constitutional, international, other branches of law and so forth.

From December 2001, the department has an Internet-centre as part of the project “Internet for the readers of public libraries LEAP”.

The Internet-centre gives constant access to electronic information resources of the world. Besides, the department also furnishes information from the base “Liga-Law”, IRBIS and computer information system “Business-guide of Vinnytsya region”.

The department serves 7, 500 readers, including about 1, 000 users of Internet. It fulfils the following public-related functions:

-  Information Days;

-  scientific and practical conferences;

-  round table discussions and seminar-trainings;

-  Internet-conferences;

-  book presentations;

-  book displays. 

Providing information to the institutions of local government and executive power is foremost for the department.  

Reservation Lending  Department, tel. 32-26-76 

It has been functioning since November, 2003, with a fund including  3.500  copies of books and literary magazines. Literary works by Ukrainian authors and the best of foreign literature are offered to the users. There is a separate fund of commercial literature. The department manages free of charge literature lending and provides additional paid services. Reservation lending  from the library depository and commercial book stock is made on the security of fixed service charges depending on the book value. 


(Interlibrary Circulation Sector),


Interlibrary Circulation Sector (ICS) is a structural part of the department. ICS delivers required documents from the library basic collection to other libraries (ICS cardholders), which have the status of juridical person. In  case of fund shortage at VRGRL, it orders literature from the book stocks of other libraries. Original editions are in use of the library cardholders for the terms determined by fund keepers, or else copies of documents are available. Obligatory document copies, manuscripts, theses, encyclopaedias, reference books, dictionaries, rare and valuable issues are not for giving out / distribution. 

 Department of Literature and Information in Art and Culture, tel. 35-20-06 

The fund of the department includes different kinds of documents. These are: books, albums, magazines, newspapers, music notion, records, reproductions, video and audio-cassettes, CDs, filmstrips, slides and also a collection of pictures painted by Vinnytsya artists.

There is the literature and art club “Open page” here, too.

The department has strong reference and bibliographic facilities. To simplify a search for the necessary information sources, a reader can use the alphabetic and systematic music catalogues, catalogue of records and systematic catalogue of books. Readers can also use the card index of vocal compositions, systematic card index of articles, plays and film scripts as well.

The department is engaged in publishing and public-related activity, such as the various literary and art evenings, book exhibitions, presentations of books  and exhibitions of pictures. Information Days, Expertise Days and  hours devoted to art are a regular feature at the department.

  Department of Literature and Information in Agriculture, tel. 32-08-55 

The department contains over 35 thousand editions about native and foreign experience in agriculture. It also includes works of prominent scientists, the scientific papers of agricultural academies, institutes, research stations.

Book stock of the department has a collection of books with autographs and a great deal of educational text-books. There are valuable editions on amateur horticulture, market-gardening, stock-breeding and flower design. The department disposes of 100 titles of periodical editions. 

For a long period of time, the librarians of the department have cooperated creatively with the agrarian scientific regional institutions and agricultural organizations, in particular with the Main Board of Agriculture and Foodproduce of Vinnytsya State Administration incorporating the Office of Agrarian Information. In partnership with the Forage Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science, the Institute of Land Utilization and Vinnytsya State Agrarian University, they arrange presentations of scientific editions and Information Days. There is a “Gardener” club functioning at the department successfully during 12 years.  

 Department of Literature in Foreign Languages, tel. 32-08-55

The department has a general book stock of over 7, 000 items and over 3,000  periodicals in different languages of the world. It received as humanitarian assistance from Great Britain and the USA more than 3,000 copies of books in English. During 2000-2003 the British Council sent the collection of world classics “Millennium Library”. Numbering 250 volumes in English readers can use the alphabetic and systematic catalogues, electronic databases “IRBIS”, full text database “EBSCO” and Internet here.  

American information Center “Window on America” is created on the basis of the department. Visitors can find  information about the culture and traditions of the USA on DVD-disks and in the printed editions. A collection of American films is also available here.

The department has an English-language speaking club, a society of American movie fans and a business-club. It co-operates with the British Council, Goethe-Institute, Ukrainian and American Charity Fund “Sabre-Svitlo”, and other international organizations. Volunteers of Peace Corps are  constant visitors to the department of literature in foreign languages.

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